Faculty and Staff

Superintendent: Shibu Jose

Farm Manager: Barry Eschenbrenner

Research/Lab Technician Senior: Cheryl Recker

Research Specialist: Matt Kramer

Horticulture Faculty

  • Dr. Bruce, Barrett, Asst. Prof., State Hort. Ent. Specialist
  • Dr. Chris Starbuck, Assoc. Prof., State Ornamental & Nursery Specialist
  • Dr. Michele Warmund, Assoc. Prof., State Hort. Specialist

Agroforestry Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Johann Bruhn, Research Assoc. Prof., Plant Microbiology & Pathology
  • Mark Coggeshall, Research Analyst, Tree Improvement Specialist, Natural Resources
  • Dr. Gene Garrett, Professor, Natural Resources
  • Dr. Michael Gold, Research Assoc. Prof., Natural Resources
  • Dr. Shibu Jose, Director
  • Dr. Chung Ho Lin, Research Assistant Professor/ Forestry
  • Dr. Sougata Bardhan, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Dr. Larry Godsey, Research Associate/ Economist
  • Dr. Terrell Stamps, Research Scientist/ Plant Science
  • Dr. Ranjith Udawatta, Research Assistant Professor/SEAS
  • Dr. James Houx, Research Specialist / Agronomy
  • Dr. Dusty Walter, Technology Transfer/ Research Specialist
  • John Thompson M.S., Research Specialist
  • Terry Woods M.S., Research Specialist/ Plant Science
  • Ina Cernusca M.B.A., Research Associate/ Marketing Specialist
  • Yarrow Titus B.S., Senior Research Technician/ Forestry
  • Kenny Bader B.S., Research Specialist/ Forestry
  • Parker Fadler B.S., Research Specialist/ Forestry
  • Jordan Prindle B.S., Research Specialist

Associated Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Francisco Aguilar, Forestry
  • Dr. Steve Anderson, SEAS
  • Dr. Carla Barbieri, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
  • Dr. John Dwyer, Forestry
  • Dr. Neil Fox, SEAS
  • Dr. Felix Fritschi, Plant Sciences
  • Dr. Keith Goyne, SEAS
  • Dr. Hong He
  • Dr. Jason Hubbart, SEAS
  • Dr. Robert Kallenbach, Agronomy
  • Dr. David Larsen, Forestry
  • Dr. Jeanne Mihail, Plant Pathology
  • Dr. Josh Milspaugh, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Dr. Peter Motavalli, SEAS
  • Dr. Rose-Marie Muzika, Forestry
  • Dr. Steve Pallardy, Forestry
  • Dr. Bob Pierce, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Dr. Sandy Rikoon, Rural Sociology
  • Dr. Hank Stelzer, Forestry
  • Andy Thomas, M.S.
  • Dr. Corrine Valdivia, Agriculture Economics

External Collaborators

  • Dr. Don Dey, USFS
  • Dr. John Kabrick, USFS
  • Dr. Robert Kremer, USDA/ARS
  • Dr.Bob Lerch, USDA/ARS
  • Dr. Nadia Naverrete-Tindall, Lincoln University
  • Dr. Bill Reid, Kansas State University
  • Dr. Irene Unger, Westminster College
  • Dr. Jerry Van Sambeek, USFS
  • Doug Wallace, NRCS