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Agroforestry Symposium a Strong Success

More than 300 people attended the seventh annual Agroforestry Symposium, hosted by University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry, held Jan. 28 at the Bond Life Sciences Center on the MU campus. The symposium featured several experts in the field of pollinators and agroforestry, which were the areas of focus for the event – “The Future of Pollinators: Why Agroforestry Matters.”…

Agroforestry Symposium to Focus on Pollinators

Each year, the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry picks an agricultural-related theme for their Agroforestry Symposium. For the seventh symposium, the Center for Agroforestry will focus on pollinators and how agroforestry can assist in bringing their habitat back to life. “Everyone is talking about pollinators,” said Shibu Jose, director of the Center for Agroforestry. “We are losing invaluable habitat.…

Training for the Future

Agroforestry Academy strong for third straight year

The University of Missouri’s Center for Agroforestry put together another successful Agroforestry Academy in late July. This is the third year the academy has been offered to individuals interested in learning more about agroforestry. The purpose of the weeklong academy is to show the many opportunities agroforestry offers through classroom work and farm visits. Individuals also took part in a…

6th Annual Agroforestry Symposium

The MU Center for Agroforestry will once again welcome the public to the 6th Annual Agroforestry Symposium on Jan. 8, 2015. The free event will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Jesse Wrench Auditorium in Memorial Union, located on the MU Campus in Columbia. This year’s theme, “Climate-Smart Agriculture: the Role of Agroforestry,” will feature informational talks on topics about silvopasture, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, development of climate-smart soybeans and restoration agriculture in how trees can help.

A Future for Agroforestry

Shibu Jose takes over as HARC superintendent, in time for Field Day set for Oct. 4

Shibu Jose starts as new superintendent of HARC. He will welcome guests to the center for its annual Field Day, scheduled for Oct. 4 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The free event will feature educational talks and tours of the center’s research fields.

To the Trees

Chestnuts can be a lucrative crop for family farms

Missouri river hills would look beautiful lined with chestnut trees and they’d turn a pretty profit.

A Voice for Forestry in DC

MU's Shibu Jose appointed to Forestry Research Advisory Council

Shibu Jose, director of The Center for Agroforestry and H.E. Garrett Endowed Chair Professor, was recently appointed to the Forestry Research Advisory Council.

Tree Trouble

Thousand cankers disease threatens Missouri walnut trees

Missouri’s black walnut trees could be in trouble if thousand cankers disease (TCD) moves in from bordering Tennessee.

Agroforestry Academy Wins National Award

An innovative program designed to train the next generation of agroforestry practitioners earned a national award from the USDA. The project, titled Increasing Agroforestry Adoption and Networking in the Midwest through Targeted Professional Development was named the 2012 Paula Ford Professional Development Program Proposal of the Year. The North Central region selects the project that best exemplifies Ford’s contributions and…

A Nutty Opportunity

Chinese chestnuts are a budding opportunity for Missouri landowners

Chinese chestnuts show potential as a Missouri orchard crop.