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Promoting Environmental Stewardship

MDA Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program rewards responsible stewards

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has always put a strong focus on commending farmers, producers, ranchers and landowners who are good stewards of the resources in their care. The Missouri Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program was unveiled in 2015 to acknowledge and reward those responsible stewards. MDA has certified nearly 90 farms across the state thus far, including the University of…

Jose voted chair-elect for Forestry Research Advisory Council

Less than two years after being appointed to the Forestry Research Advisory Council, Shibu Jose has recently been selected as the chair-elect for the council. Jose will serve as the chair next year. “It was exciting to be appointed to the council in 2014 – and it’s indeed a great honor to be voted chair-elect this year,” Jose said. Jose…

Leafy Alliance

Mark Coggeshall and partners bring a tree to market

Mark Coggeshall has brought a new tree to market with the help of a few friends.

A Historic Tree

Mizzou's 175th anniversary tree is a collaboration with CAFNR roots

On a crisp autumn morning, Wayne Lovelace again did what he knows best – plant a tree.

A Voice for Forestry in DC

MU's Shibu Jose appointed to Forestry Research Advisory Council

Shibu Jose, director of The Center for Agroforestry and H.E. Garrett Endowed Chair Professor, was recently appointed to the Forestry Research Advisory Council.

Tree Trouble

Thousand cankers disease threatens Missouri walnut trees

Missouri’s black walnut trees could be in trouble if thousand cankers disease (TCD) moves in from bordering Tennessee.